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Welcome to a place that believes anything is possible with faith in God.

At La Vergne First United Methodist Church, we offer a variety of ministry opportunities for every age and stage of life. God loves each one of us the same, and here you will never feel excluded or alone!

We are eager to know you, eager for you to become involved in the life of our church, and also eager for you to see the wonderful way that God is working in our lives. It won’t take long for you to discover that this is truly a church “family,” rich in the kinds of relationships that matter most. We worship together, serve together, laugh together, love together, cry together, and reach out to the world together with the life-transforming truth of Jesus Christ.


The Hennessys
Pastoral Family
Judy and De Hennessy were born in Akron, Ohio and have been married for over forty three years. They have one daughter, Amber Schmuhl; a son-in-law, Aaron; three granddaughters, Isabella-12, Chloe-10 and Alice-6; and Judy’s father, Don Cullison...
Gaila Fletcher
Administrative Assistant
Gaila has been our right hand in all things event and calendar-related for several years, as well as handling the phones and creating the bulletin and newsletters. The Church Office is open from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday thru Wednesday & 9:00 am till noon on Thursday.
Becky Olsen
Music Director
Becky Olsen served as a United Methodist Music Director in South Florida for over thirty years. After retiring in 2014, she and her husband Dave moved to Middle Tennessee for a quieter lifestyle and she is now acting as the Interim Music Director at La Vergne First UMC. Her experience covers both traditional and contemporary vocal music, handbells, and crazy personas for Vacation Bible School each summer! She and her husband served as worship leaders for the Florida Conference United Methodist Women's Retreats for several years, and also at the District level in the Southeast Florida Conference.

Church Council Chairperson

Mike Perone


Laini Burgett

Finance Chairperson

Brian Brown/Dave Olsen

Food Pantry Ministries

Page Durham

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference

Jerry Raines


Debi Walker


Laini Burgett & Margie Waggoner

Martin Methodist Representative

Kathy Runge


Jerry Raines

Scout Liaison

Special Events and Kitchen Coordinator

Jonna Martin

Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson

Rolen Waggoner


Janice Johns

Trustees Chairperson

Freida Winkley Raines

Ladies of LaVergne Council Rep.

Pam Warner

United Methodist Men President

Mike Perrone

Children's Council Chair

Jacque Schmidt

Youth President

Young Adult Representative

William Monoghan

Worship Committee Chairperson

Becky Olsen

Members at Large

Cara Jones, Steve Feathers, E.T. Martin

Children's Council Chair

Jacque Schmidt

Webmaster | Social Media

William Garrison & Becky Olsen

Sunday School Superintendent

Dan Walker

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