Volunteers Needed for Project Transformation (5/12)

May 12, 2020

Volunteers Needed for Project Transformation (5/12)

Here at LaVergne First UMC, volunteers are needed Monday through Thursday this summer (June 1-July 23) to work with Project Transformation to help organize, record, sanitize, and distribute daily meals and supplies to children. The volunteer time is from 10:30AM-2PM. We are asking that people commit to helping at least weekly for 8 weeks, but you are welcome to help more than one day per week as well! The volunteers must be between ages 18 and 64, be able to lift 10 pounds, and will sign a Health Statement and Waiver.


Volunteers can sign up here: https://givepul.se/imkhra

Sign up for the “Supported by Site Church”

shifts to help out LaVergne First UMC!

Use code “2020”.


Please contact Taylor Davenport at davenport@pttennesee.org with questions.


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