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LaVergne First United Methodist Church thanks you for your consideration of our church as we work to faithfully serve our community through this blessed outreach program. Your donation to the Food Pantry will help do just that.


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Treasures of a Transformed Life, Part 2 (click to view video) Full Sunday Service, November 1, 2020 Rev. Dr. John Daniels
Treasures of the Transformed Life, Part 1 (click to view) Full Sunday Service, October 25, 2020 Rev. Dr. John Daniels
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About the Church

Welcome to a place that believes anything is possible with faith in God. At LaVergne First United Methodist Church, we offer a variety of ministry opportunities for every age and stage of life. God loves each one of us the same…

A Brief History

On October 19, 1975, a meeting was held for the purpose of forming a new church in the LaVergne area.  Murfreesboro District Superintendent, The Reverend Fred Blankenship, and The Reverend Roland Perkins, minister of the…

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